Thursday, November 6, 2008

Feeling very Patriotic these days!!

Well, with election day 2 days behind me I am sitting here having a chance to reflect on the process. I am ashamed to admit that this was the first election I have voted in for about the last 4 Presidency's. In the past I did not take the time to read up and know the candidates and because of that felt that I had no place in the voting process. In essence I would be going in and voting blindfolded, so I remained out of the voting process.

This election was a different matter. I took the time to read up and know the candidates and I knew that this would be one for the history books. Important for the blacks and women alike.
This time I went to the voting booth with trepidation and left with a feeling of pride in the process that we as American's are blessed with. I love this system that allows candidates to compete vigorously and disagree vehemently and than asks US to decide. Yes, we as American citizens choose who we want in that Big White House on Pennsylvania avenue. No matter what our backgrounds, each of us have one vote. The CEO of the big corporation has one vote. The single mom with her humble little house has one vote. The cashier at McDonalds has one vote. The President of the bank has one vote, and THEY ALL COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!! How wonderful is that? And after it's all over, our nation has an awe-inspiring tradition of good sportsmanship, where the losing candidate swallows hard and yields graciously. This kind of system is not to be taken for granted and needs to be protected.