Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paper Bag Swap Goodies!!!!!!!!

I signed up to participate in the Paper Bag Swap over at Snickerdoodle dreams a month ago. We decorated a paper bag and put in it a fat quarter, buttons, ribbon lace or rick-rack, and some embroidery floss. Once we recieved the bag from our partner we were to make something out of it and send back. Mine is winging its way across the ocean to her, so I can't post a picture till she gets it, but I recived mine on monday.

I recieved this beautiful Victorian Needle box that was handmade by her. I have shown it as the box and than what happens when you take off the lid. I absolutely love this thing. Inside that center little tiny box is a thimble that says Australia. She also sent this placemat, wall hanging little number with the 4 coasters. It reeks of Australia, don't you think? I am dying to post a picture of her wall hanging I made but since she is one of my followers I can't because it would spoil the surprise. I did send you some loverly bluebonnet something. Oh yes I got a nice block of Chocolate with cherries from Australia that I had to split 6 ways so just got a little taste but it sure was good.

I have signed up for the newest Old Red Barn quilt-along, this time it is a zig-zag quilt and here are the color choices I have picked. I am going to make it a bed sized quilt. The fabics are above. I still can't figure out how to add pictures to the correct paragraphs. Oh well, now there are 2 pictures of the fabrics I am going to use take care everyone. Next post I will post my strips all ready to cut into squares, my goal for today.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Someone on one of my quilting lists sent a link to a newspaper article that told about this car. Can you believe that someone made an entire quilt as a slip cover for her car? I am amazed at this and would love to drive something around like this that would shout to the world my love of quilts. This quilt is owned by Peggy Boggs Christenson and she brought it to her home of Port Townsend, Washington for her family reunion. The quilt covers a Honda Van. She calls this Van "Have Quilt Will Travel". Her answer to everyones reaction is "It's just the work of a small town 4-H sewing girl who grew up to become a crazy quilter." Hope this gives you guys a happy feeling like it did me.

Friday, July 24, 2009


The theme of this years shop hop is "The Fifties". Most of the shops had Elvis on the radio and all the stores had some of their crew in poodle skirts. My favorite shop had a display with a large pink toy cadillac and Barbie sitting on the back in a poodle skirt and Ken standing next to it.
They all had games to play and goodies to give away. I won a cute little pattern at one of them
was able to do the paddle ball and got another pattern and as you can see above made an idiot of myself trying to do the hula hoop. I remember being a pro at that as a kid but wasn't even able to keep it from falling down. Boy time sure changes things.
One shop had a pattern for a free apron, another a pattern for a potholder and the third had a pattern for a casserole carrier. I guess the free patterns theme was a Fifties kitchen.
We have the little guy Joshua and his mommy for the weekend. He will be meeting his great grandma for the first time on sunday. Big sister Savannah has been enjoying rocking with him. Josh curls up into a little ball like a kitten. I will get a picture and post tomorrow after work.
Take care to all and have a great weekend.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well the new baby finally arrived on July 17th at 3:30pm
He weighed in at 8lbs 11 1/2 oz and was 21" long
He has reddish blonde hair and the sweetest cheeks I have
ever seen on a baby. As you can see from the picture, his
sister is already in love with him, and so are Grandpa and I.
Just wanted my blogging friends to know he was here. I will be posting the quilt I am making for him in the next day or two. It is green and yellow and will go real good with that red hair.

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Little Super Model

Just wanted to take a minute to post some new pictures of my grand-daughter Savannah and her summer pics. We had a day out togather since her new brother is due soon, I wanted to show her soom special time. We went to Justice for Girls and had a shopping spree where she bought the pink outfit. We went to lunch with her Aunt and another friend who is like an Aunt to her. Lastly we went and got her pictures taken. I thought she looked so cute in the special Pink Outfit and she just had to have that HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are anxiously awaiting the birth of our next grandchild. My daughter is staying with us right now and she is waddling around like a miserable "Big Mama". The temperatures have been in the 100's here, it hit 102 degrees yesterday and I remember how miserable I was when I was expecting her 30 yrs ago as she was born the first part of July. Her due date is the 21'st but the last 2 weeks on her exams she has been dilated to a 3.
I am busy working on a baby quilt for little Joshua, finishing up a Paper Bag swap and starting a new stitchery BOM called portholes. I think I will put these onto a beach bag and maybe onto a nice T-shirt. I have added the sites to my side bar.
Take care and hope everyone stays cool, I know we won't. Oh I am officially now on VACATION for the next two weeks. Hopefully I will get alot of sewing done.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I love to go blog hopping at night and especially love to check out the give aways. I post a message on every one I visit hoping to be a winner but never untill this last month. I posted a message on her give away post and wonder of wonders I WON!!! I recieved 8 of her patterns and a book. I love all her stuff so I will have to make something from one of her patterns and send her a picture. I am so excited to have all these to work with.

Today was quild meeting day and we got to learn how to do free motion quilting with our machines. I didn't do to well but I think once I practice some more and get some gloves to help hold the material I will do alot better. One of the ladies came up and whispered in my ear that she had gotten hers at Dollar Tree and they worked as well as the fancy ones you buy at the quilt shops.
After I left the meeting I stopped at an estate sale and bought a pile of handsewn star blocks for $1.00. I need to figure out how to applique them down on muslin. They are pretty old and fraying.
Well I am done for tonite. Take care to anyone who reads my blog and may the good lord bless you.

I found the cutest material yesterday at Joans Fabrics, it is a sewing room full of very naughty cats. I am going to post the pictures and I think I am going to make a jacket out of it to wear to my guild meetings.