Friday, December 24, 2010


Well, I am not going to try to explain my absence, lets just say that LIFE GOT IN THE WAY. I plan to start the New Year on a new note and try to be more faithful to the 21 people who follow this Blog. Man you guys are all glutens for punishment aren't you?

At the left I posted pictures from last years snow, none to come for this year so far. Just really cold weather and wicked wind. We had a good day today, spent it with my Hubbys brother and wife. Kids got to open presents and eat some good food and then it was home to watch more Christmas programming with the kids. I plan to put them in bed early so I can rest before tomorrows Mayhem.

Hope all you guys are having a wonderful holiday season and have a Very Merry Christmas with family and friends.

Barbara and the gang! ! !