Friday, September 19, 2008

Savannahs got a brand new skirt

I spent the day whipping up this little beauty for my grand-daughter Savannah. It was in the Christmas print fabric and I had a hard time finding anything to go with it but I finally found a Debby Mum in a cranberry background with little bells on it and the ribbons are the same color of green. I plan to make the top over the weekend.

I have set myself a goal of making at least 1 outfit a week for Savannah and myself. I have so much material and really do need to reduce some of it before I bring in any more, but its kind of like this outfit. I had everything I needed to make the skirt but had to go looking for something to match to make the top.

The Wal-Mart by me has all their fabric 50% off so I had to buy some of that, I mean " It was on Sale!"
I did have to wait till hubby went to work to bring it in. I got some pinks to make another of these skirts. This pattern is on the Grand Revival blog. I added the second picture to the blog so you could see how cute the two materials go togather. That is all for tonite. I will post the blouse and skirt togather I hope by Sunday. Have a great weekend.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Savannah's French Market Apron

I found a pattern for a childs french market apron at, ( ) and yesterday I whipped up this little beauty for my granddaughter. I love the way these colors turned out. I have not had a chance to put it on her yet but will post a pic of her in it as soon as she gets home from school.

I have had so many projects going on but I think I finally have them finished up. I got word from my partner in the " Fall Apron Swap " over at My Byrd House. She got the apron and she says she 'Loves" it. I am really glad. This was my first swap with them and I wanted my apron to be up to their standards. Glad that you like it Nicki.

We went to the zoo after school this last week and here is a picture of the 2 grandkids on the giant turtle. I would like to be able to take them to a big zoo, this one in Amarillo is not very big. They enjoy it anyway.

That is all for this post but will get some pics of the kids to add to my next post.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Jill Miller is the winner of my Patriotic Quilt and I am proud to say that with her help we were able to raise $100 towards the Stephanie and Christian Niellson recovery fund. I say "WE" because without her I could not have raised that.

Jill if you will contact me at I will give you instructions how to pay at paypal and than once I have a receipt that they have recieved it I will get your quilt in the mail.

Once again, thanks again for that bid you made.