Saturday, June 26, 2010

Starting a New Cat Block of the Seasons Quilt

I am starting a new Cat Block of the Seasons Quilt over at Ellies Quilting site. I have posted a link on my side bar. I have finished the first block which is SUMMER and I am posting it here. She offers it in embroidery or applique and I chose the embroidery. I have also been saving the Under the Seas block of the month, you can find it on my sidebar also and she is doing a special coloring technique using the Derwent Coloring pencils so I thought I would try it on these blocks. Being a lover of all things CAT and LADYBUGS this BOS was definately for me. I am posting my finished first block on here today. There are 4 main blocks each representing a different season and 4 corner squares with embroidery. There will also be patchwork blocks that seperate the 4 main blocks and maybe a center block, I am not sure but Ellie says it will be really cute in the end. Anyway without further ado here is my 1st finished main block. I havent finished the smaller block yet but will post them togather when it is finished.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Early Bird Christmas Crafting

I am also going to join this 4-month group to try to work on some early Christmas Gifts. I have put the button here on the blog. It started June 1st so I am not all that late. Our first project was to decorate a Journal and than to make a christmas list of people I intend to make things for. I have a Compostition book I intend to decorate and have on here by monday nite. I work 12-hr nights for the next 2 days but will work on it on my down time and have it done on monday to post. Judith is helping us to organize things so we can have stuff done by the end of September. If I keep up and make the 3 gifts a month than I will have 12 gifts done by than which is quite an accomplishment for me since I always start way to late.

Take care and hope everyone has a great weekend.


Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Going to do the Charming Girls Quilt Along!!

I am planning on taking part in the quilt along over at the Charming Chatter Blog to make this cute little quilt.

My sweet Great-niece is finally getting another child that she and her husband have been trying for for so long. After lots of prayer and fertility treatments they are expecting a boy in July. I plan to make this one for her but am using the Nautical and Nice charm packs from Sandy Gervais and what could be more fitting than Red White and Blue for a July baby. I am posting my fabrics on here so that others in the quilt along can see what I am using. I will put on an additional border to make it a little bigger and put sailboat blocks in each of the 4 corners. Here are the fabrics I am using.
The white with tiny pale blue spots is my background fabric and the light blue will be the outer border and the sailboat blocks in each corner will be dark blue with red sails and the white background. I think it will be super cute.
Have a great weekend to every one.