Thursday, February 18, 2010


First things first I have to post that I LOST 3.8 #'s this week and I am soooooooooooo excited. I have tracked everything I ate and followed the program to the letter and it paid off with a nice weight loss. I am not going to the Gym as much as I thought I would but I still was able to lose.

Being a proud Grandma I had to post this photo of my sweet little Josh in the drivers seat. Click on the picture and you will even be able to see his dirty little nose and beautiful blue eyes. That is all for tonight but I will get on this weekend and post some more.

I do have to post about something that happened yesterday about 2 miles from me. While I slept in yesterday, at about 7:30 am a small plane crashed into a nearby warehouse. Both the passengers in the plane were killed. The Warehouse was a Glacier Ice bldg and happens to be managed by a friend of mines husband. I didnt even know it had happened untill my husband told me as he was going to bed. My first thought was about Dick and if he was ok but it also made me think of how fleeting our very life is. I didn't know either one of the passengers but how very precious each day is that we are given and we should not take it for granted. I have friends who have family members who are in life and death struggles and they know how precious each day is in the lives of their loved ones.

I make a vow here that I will be grateful for every day that I am given and instead of grumbling about things that go wrong I plan to thank my Heavenly Father for the gifts he has given me that day. I am working on a Gratitude Journal where I can do just this.

I need to go to bed now so goodby to all my blogging friends.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weight Loss Wednsday a day late & Rasberry Rabbits Block finish

First things first, I finally did it. I joined Weight Watchers yesterday and Golds Gym today. I completed my entire day on program and am so pleased with myself. I figure I have about 55 pounds to lose hopefully can do it with 2-3 lbs per week. I start back to work tomorrow but will be wearing a special boot to help with the sprain. Working a 12-hr day on that boot does not seam to be something to look forward to, but I will get er done.

I finished my first block from the Raspberry Rabbits Sentimental Journey BOM. I think it turned out real nice, it is at the top of this post. I wish I could figure out how to make the pictures go with the paragraph that is talking about it but this will do for now. I thought it was finished but I found some pretty little copper looking glass beads to put on it.

I am on my way to bed but wanted to at least post these two things. More snow last night, another 5 1/2". They are now saying there will be some more on Sunday followed by another round next thursday. I am really, really getting tired of this white stuff.

Have a wonderful weekendI