Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sewing on Wednsday!

I have always had a problem with spelling and I think I spelled wednsday wrong, but oh well I tried. I was off yesterday but because I had a positive TB test at work I had to spend about 3 hrs at the place they use for chest X-rays. It turned out OK as I knew it would but it definately put a crimp in my sewing time. Today I have devoted to clearing off my sewing space and getting down to work. I have collected a bunch of green and pinks and I think I will put them togather into a turning 20 but I do it with 25 and it fits much better on our water bed. I am finishing up another baby quilt, this one is the split nine patch done in Repos.

My cats are my official quilt testers and Bonnie is the worst, geeze, you'd think she wanted to do the quilting herself. No matter what I am working on, if I lay it around she sits on it as soon as I do. I left my quilt hoop unattended and you see what happens. It's funny cause I always have to warn the people who get my quilts that they need to wash them before using. I like to give a nice pretty quilt before it is washed.

I came across a picture on the web of our famous bluebonnets and wanted to add them to a post so I will add it here. I wish I knew how to add it to the top under my title. I love bluebonnets.
Guess that is all for now. Hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Newest Baby quilt

One of the occupational therapists at work is pregnant and they had her baby shower today. She is a real Texas Cowgirl and I wanted her little boy to have a cowboy quilt when he gets her so I put this little cowboy quilt togather for him. I have been making so many quilts lately that I did

not have the money to have it quilted so I tied it and made him a nice warm comforter. I made sure that all the prints were cowboy related. I tried to include a close up so you could see all the cute materials I chose.

I think this is one of the cutest I have made so far. I currently have two others I am working on and than I hope to be able to start some summer clothes for the grandkids and myself. Here is the other picture I took of the quilt. I guess I had best close out and go to bed. Hope everyone reading this has a great weekend.

Mothers Day Giveaway

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love to cook. I love the feel of dirty fingers when I am breading chicken, flour on my hands when I am making bread and best of licking the beaters or the spoon when making cookies or cakes. The one thing I wish I had was an apron. I remember my Grandma in the kitchen when she cooked and she always wore an apron. Now mind you, I don't want an ugly apron. I want to look good in that kitchen and that is why I am going to tell you about this website I just found. Her name is Jan Carrell (I am pretty sure I have spelled that wrong) I she makes the prettiest aprons I have ever seen.

She is having a Mothers Day Giveaway and she is giving away one of her beautiful aprons, along with a teapot and teacosy and some cookie cutters. Her is the link but you had best hurry over because she is going to draw the name tomorrow around noon. I really hope I have posted this in time to be in the name generator. If I don't win, I am going to have to break down and buy one. The ones I liked were Taffy or Sweety but they are out of stock at the moment.

Here is the website

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Busy in my little sewing corner!

Well I have been busy in my little corner of the living room the last few weeks. Working the 12-hr shifts that I do, I am blessed to have my 4 day stretches off and I have been busy this week.

The weather has been pretty hot already so wednsday night hubby came home and togather we got the water cooler up and running. It was such a nice evening compared to the several warm days before. Well, wouldn't you know it, I guess we jinxed it because yesterday came in cold and raining most of the day. Had to tape the cover back up over the front of the cooler to keep the cold wind out. It is warming up today so off the cover comes again. It has been seen that some days you can see all 4 seasons in one day and I believe it.

I have been working on a patriotic turning 12 and got it all finished. Here are a few pictures of