Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Crafts

I went to a special before Christmas crafting showcase last year and this is a sample of one of the things they made. These were the boots that my sister-in-law made and I think they turned out really neat. At the showcase we were taught how to take old thrift-store boots and repaint them into these and use them for gift giving. They had a bottle of wine in the one they showed at the showcase along with some tissue paper as an accent. My sister-in-law's boss wanted her to make a pair for her to wear this christmas but I don't think she ever got them made. I painted mine in blue and grey and they looked like a Dallas Cowboy boot.

I also participated in an embroidery tea towel swap with one of my other online yahoo groups and this is the towel I made for my partner. I still have not figured out hot to make the pictures go with each paragraph so the tea towil is above with the boots.

Finally I made a nativity wall hanging and it is also pictured in this post.


Kimonos and Sushi said...

Hello and wishing you and you family a very Merry Christmas from Down Under.
Well it certtainly was a busy time leading up to Christmas DAy. I hope that you received tons of lovely gifts from your family.
Loved the boots how cute. MY mum made the snowman like yours and put in a wall hanging too......
Talk Soon

Miss Nancy said...

Love the boots!