Friday, March 18, 2011


Man I can't believe I have been so neglectful of my blog lately. Well hopefully I will remedy that with my new Knitting KAL. I have signed up with "Firefly" Owner of the ever popular "I live on a Farm" blog, to do a KAL (knit along) on a summer blanket she is designing as we go along. It is alot like a Quilt Along but with this she is designing as we go. I have completed the first step which is a pretty seed stitch border. She just informed us that we will need to have a cable needle available because she will have a little cable running up alongside each of the 2 side borders.

This is going to be so fun. To me it is more like a Mystery KAL as each step is a new surprise. I have chosen a lovely Butter yellow collor and so far I like how it is looking, even though there is not a lot to look at yet.

Spring has sprung here in the Texas Panhandle and I have bought some Rosemary and Basil to plant in some pretty yellow planters. Do you see a theme going here? Yes, Yellow is one of my favorite colors the others being Red and Green.

I have included a picture of my starting seed stitch border for the Kal. If you have not visited Fireflys blog you need to go see it. She has some really pretty knitting patterns and a couple of freebies also. ( )

Take care to all my blog watchers



Sue said...

Oh, how pretty! Love your soft color! I'm in the kal, too. Just got my needles today. I'm so eager to start, and seeing your beautiful border makes me want to get going!

Marisa said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I use Japanese pattern books all the time. The diagrams are very easy to follow and have all the measurements. You will probably want to convert mm into inches, but outside of that it is pretty easy. Their written Japanese instructions are not all that elaborate anyhow, so even if you could read the Japanese, (and I have had some translated) it basically says "cut it out and sew together!" - not too helpful really. I say try it, you might like it.