Tuesday, August 26, 2008

AUCTION for Christian & Nie Nie!

Over a week ago a young couple was in a private plane flying home. Their plane crashed killing their pilot and the young man, Christian, recieved burns over 30% of his body. His wife Stephanie is burned over 80% of her body. She is a fellow blogger and many in the blogging community have come togather to all do auctions to help raise money for the families medical care and childrens daily care. The couple has 3 young children that are now living with Stephanies sister.

I am proud to say that I too will be Auctioning something off. I have made a nice Turning Twelve Patriotic lap quilt. My auction will begin at 9am and run thru the following tuesday Sept 2. The quilt is above.

All bids should be in whole dollar amounts. I hope I will get lots of visitors to this site so I can have a good auction for them.



m said...

I'll be the 1st bidder----$35.00. Good Luck and I hope you raise a lot of money for them. I read the story and it makes me so sad. I pray they recover completely and quickly. Anything is possible with prayer---miracles do happen.

Paula said...

Barb, I just posted that last post, I don't know why it came across as from "M", it's from me! (Paula)

Rosalynn said...

I love this beautiful quilt! $40
rhbdesigns @ hotmail.com

(And thanks for visiting my auction!)

Jill Miller said...

I will bid $100. It looks like a beautiful quilt and a very good cause. (Paula let me know of this auction).

Whitney said...

Hi DaiseyB--We changed the rules for the CD auction and everyone who donates $10 to the Nie Nie Fund gets a copy. So send your paypal receipt plus your mailing info and we'll get it right out to you!

Thanks again,