Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Jill Miller is the winner of my Patriotic Quilt and I am proud to say that with her help we were able to raise $100 towards the Stephanie and Christian Niellson recovery fund. I say "WE" because without her I could not have raised that.

Jill if you will contact me at ryork6@suddenlink.net I will give you instructions how to pay at paypal and than once I have a receipt that they have recieved it I will get your quilt in the mail.

Once again, thanks again for that bid you made.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support! When you finalize your totals for your auction, can you email the grand total to nienieauction@gmail.com where we are collecting totals for the many auctions that took place. Thanks again!

Leslie said...

hi. you had wondered about the pretty girls' necklace on my blog auction for nienie. i'm sorry you didn't win, but you can find similar items at paperwhite jewelry, who was the donor of that item.

click here to see the shop.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes your name is in the basket! jane