Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another finish for Febuary!!

Well I have something else to add for Febuary. I finished block #1 of my Verandah Views block of the month and will be starting on the second as soon as I finish block #1 of Gail Pans Christmas BOM. I am trying to catch up sinch more will be out soon. Here is a picture of my completed block with its border added.
I liked the purse I made for my friend Paula so much that I have started another for myself. I am using woodland bloom from Lila Tuellar designs and it will be very spring looking.
I just made a huge pot of chili and will sign off now to take it off to work. Wish me luck, it is for a Chili cook-off.


Karen said...

Isn't this just a wonderful BOM?

roberta said...

hi, i'm roberta from italy, i sent an email to you with the project a Thousand colors and it came back, got it from your profile on the blog . let me know if you have a new one. Love roberta