Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wedding quilt is finally finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, my quilt is finished and my nephew is finally a married man. I hope the bride and groom like the quilt I finished to celebrate their love. Her colors were red, black and white which are also her favorite colors. They were the colors of the wedding so naturally I made the quilt in the same colors.

The bride as usual was beautiful and the groom as he watched her walk down the aisle had a look that was so full of love that I knew these two were meant for each other. Her choices of the dress and than the little bridesmaids all looking the same was pretty unusual to my point of view. I always thought the bride was to outshine them all but all in all it was a very pretty wedding.

I will have to add this finish as number 1 on my febuary list, with many more to come. The bride and groom leave on their honeymoon to NYC tomorrow.

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Kimonos and Sushi said...

Glad to see that you finished the quilt for your nephews wedding. They are so lucky to have something made by you as a wedding gift.