Monday, March 16, 2009

I have just completed another finish for March. I am taking part in a row robin quilting challange with one of my online quilting groups and this is the 2nd row and second persons row robin I have worked on. She wanted everything done in coffee colors and is making it for her husband. Since he likes his coffee with cream there couldnt be any dark browns in it. I thought it turned out very well and all three blocks compliment each other beautifully.

I am busy at work on another purse and also finishing up a stitchery project I am working on as a swap for another group. I am involved with several groups on the internet and always seem to have a swap or challange going on.

Friday we had a nice little snowfall and it was cold on saturday but by sunday we were back to spring weather again and today it was 78. No wonder people around here keep getting sick but I do love spring. I got my picture for the header on one of the spring days last week and even with the snowfall and cold weather of this last weekend the trees keep bursting into blooms. It won't be long before I am planting my garden.

Take care and on to my sewing and cooking.


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Mary said...

I took picture but didn't post any. I thought that would be cheating... I am however VERY curious about what others have done with my rows! Can hardly wait to see...