Thursday, July 2, 2009


I love to go blog hopping at night and especially love to check out the give aways. I post a message on every one I visit hoping to be a winner but never untill this last month. I posted a message on her give away post and wonder of wonders I WON!!! I recieved 8 of her patterns and a book. I love all her stuff so I will have to make something from one of her patterns and send her a picture. I am so excited to have all these to work with.

Today was quild meeting day and we got to learn how to do free motion quilting with our machines. I didn't do to well but I think once I practice some more and get some gloves to help hold the material I will do alot better. One of the ladies came up and whispered in my ear that she had gotten hers at Dollar Tree and they worked as well as the fancy ones you buy at the quilt shops.
After I left the meeting I stopped at an estate sale and bought a pile of handsewn star blocks for $1.00. I need to figure out how to applique them down on muslin. They are pretty old and fraying.
Well I am done for tonite. Take care to anyone who reads my blog and may the good lord bless you.

I found the cutest material yesterday at Joans Fabrics, it is a sewing room full of very naughty cats. I am going to post the pictures and I think I am going to make a jacket out of it to wear to my guild meetings.

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retdairyqueen said...

It's nice to win something occassionally
Lucky you