Friday, July 24, 2009


The theme of this years shop hop is "The Fifties". Most of the shops had Elvis on the radio and all the stores had some of their crew in poodle skirts. My favorite shop had a display with a large pink toy cadillac and Barbie sitting on the back in a poodle skirt and Ken standing next to it.
They all had games to play and goodies to give away. I won a cute little pattern at one of them
was able to do the paddle ball and got another pattern and as you can see above made an idiot of myself trying to do the hula hoop. I remember being a pro at that as a kid but wasn't even able to keep it from falling down. Boy time sure changes things.
One shop had a pattern for a free apron, another a pattern for a potholder and the third had a pattern for a casserole carrier. I guess the free patterns theme was a Fifties kitchen.
We have the little guy Joshua and his mommy for the weekend. He will be meeting his great grandma for the first time on sunday. Big sister Savannah has been enjoying rocking with him. Josh curls up into a little ball like a kitten. I will get a picture and post tomorrow after work.
Take care to all and have a great weekend.

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That sounds like so much fun